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Light 36 Gauge Copper Sheets
for Bar Tops, Countertops, Tables, Furniture & more!

Antique Copper Sheet - Light 36 Gauge

  • Antique Copper Sheet - Light 36 Gauge
  • Antique Copper Vanity
  • Antique Kitchen Backsplash
  • Antique Copper Bar with our Lacquer and Epoxy coating.
  • Antique Copper Bar with our Lacquer and Epoxy coating.
  • Antique Copper Backsplash
  • Antique Copper Range Hood
  • Antique Copper Table with Copperlac and Epoxy Coating

Product Description

The Antique Copper finish is a fresh take on a classic look. This carefully crafted design imbues the raw copper with an authentic rustic charm that resembles the seasoned appearance of an age old penny – perfect for those who want to add traditional beauty to any room. 

Due to the hand-made nature of the product, there can be slight variation in color and pattern with each copper sheet. If you have a large project requiring several sheets of copper, we recommend that your order all of the copper sheets at the same time to minimize the differences from sheet to sheet.

Authentic, Naturally Aged Copper Sheets, Exotic Beauty. Our Copper is "REAL" and not painted or stained! It amazes us each time we see sheets of pure, lustrous, machined copper transformed. Magic!

Thickness Each patina copper sheet is .005" thick (36 gauge). A color copper patina sheet is very durable; it will not tear by hand, but can easily be cut with scissors or a new utility knife. If you take a foot-long sheet of aluminum foil and fold it five times, you will have an idea of how thick a copper sheet is.
Size Our Antique Patina Copper Sheet - Light 36 Gauge comes in a standard 3 foot width and has varying lengths up to 12 feet.
Weight One 3' x 4' copper sheet has a weight of almost 3 lbs.
Adhering Color copper is easy to adhere to almost any surface using normal contact cement.
A one-time coat of lacquer is recommended to protect the copper for many years. We recommend purchasing our semi-gloss COPPERLAC lacquer. COPPERLAC is an air-dry lacquer, engineered to provide highly durable interior and exterior protection on color copper. For the highest level of protection for bar tops and countertops, we recommend a lacquer coating, followed by a self-leveling epoxy coating.
Examples View examples of our color copper sheets in use.
Sample Pack We offer a sample pack of our copper complete with all 20 copper colors.
View our copper sheet comparison chart to find out which gauge copper you need for your project.


*New Copper Bar Top & Countertop Tutorial*

- Our new Video Tutorial will show you how to:

  • Make a copper bartop without a Bar Rail or a raised edge .
  • How to easily cut and fold the corner on all 4 sides.
  • How to pour the epoxy and pop air bubbles. Materials used (most can be purchased in our Tools & Supplies section:
  • DAP/Original Formula Contact Cement
  • Small Fiskars scissors (sold in craft stores)
  • Laminate Roller
  • COPPERLAC lacquer
  • Commercial Epoxy
  • Heat Gun or Plumbers torch (both sold at Lowes and Home Depot for $20 (Please note that our copper sheet was lacquered before filming the video so you want to make sure you lacquer the copper sheet either before or after adhering it).


Copper Bar Top Tutorial 2

- Creating a Copper Bar Top with a bar rail using our Light 36 Gauge Copper with a lacquer base coat followed by a self-leveling epoxy coating.

Materials used (most can be purchased in our Tools & Supplies section:

  • Contact Cement
  • Paint Brush
  • Fiskars scissors (or a new utility knife)
  • Laminate Roller
  • COPPERLAC lacquer
  • Commercial Epoxy
  • Dowel Rods
  • Heat Gun.


Epoxy Tutorial Video

- This video shows you how to measure and mix the epoxy the correct way.


Cutting Light 36 Gauge Copper With A Utility Knife.

Using a new blade, a utility knife easily cuts through a 36 gauge copper sheet.


Cutting & Adhering Light 36 Gauge Copper to Wood Surface for a Kitchen Cabinet Door Insert.

Materials used:

  • Contact Cement
  • Small Sponge Roller
  • Fiskars Scissors (or a new utility knife)
  • Laminate Roller


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Product Reviews

  • Roof flashing problem solved

    Posted by Bill

    Excellent product, arrived on time with quality as advertised. Vendor is a complete pleasure to do business with. Great job!

  • Best copper sheeting

    Posted by Eden Sanford

    The copper came quickly as expected and was very easy to work with. It was just the accent we wanted. We are also thinking of ordering again for another area!

  • beautiful product

    Posted by Frank

    Finish on product was gorgeous. Came with all the document explaining handling and care. Product was hard to work with due to it being so thin but the company warned me that it would be. Th owner was involved during the entire process and seemed like it was a passion to him and not just his business. I would deal with them again

  • backsplash behind a cooktop

    Posted by Harry Corey

    This is my second purchase of this product. Did my backsplash behind my cooktop and one of my contractor's clients loved it. This purchase was for the same use in her new house.

  • Easy to Apply and Beautiful to Look Upon

    Posted by Kelly

    Working with product couldn't have been easier. The videos on-line and just the right amount of thickness made this an excellent option to cover the damaged top of our Craigslist MCM buffet. The antique copper is beautiful and has excellent depth in color variation and will hide any minor issues with application :)

    Highly recommended!

  • What else can we do!?!

    Posted by Gerrit

    We wanted a different surround for the fireplace in our new home. We found the antique copper from and loved it. The material was easy to work with and loved doing the project. We have since been thinking of what other projects we could use the copper on.

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