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COPPERLAC Copper Lacquer

  • COPPERLAC Copper Lacquer
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Product Description

COPPERLAC is an air-dry satin lacquer, engineered to provide highly durable interior and exterior protection on color copper. The addition of UV and corrosion inhibitors to COPPERLAC assures endurance in harsh conditions such as arctic freezing, desert heat, beachfront salt air, and acid rain.

The satin finish is just right - neither too glossy nor flat. It has been discovered that even a blow torch cannot discolor a brass fitting protected by COPPERLAC.

  • COPPERLAC air dries to touch in less than 5 minutes and dries hard to durable finish in about 3-4 hours.
  • COPPERLAC should give satisfactory interior/exterior protection for at least ten years under normal conditions. Considerably longer life is expected.
  • 1 quart container covers (35 sq. ft.) or 1 gallon container covers (130 sq. ft.)

COPPERLAC Copper Lacquer

Spray application is the usual method, although brushing may be used. Any dust collected on the copper sheet should be blown or wiped off with a dry cloth before COPPERLAC is applied. If using a spayer, you will need to thin the COPPERLAC WITH Xylene in a 4 to 1 ratio.

COPPERLAC is applied as a base coat which acts as a sealant. Allow three to four hours to cure between coats. Epoxy can be applied after your base coat or you may add additional coats of COPPERLAC until desired thickness is achieved.

Air dries to the touch in less than 5 minutes. Air dries hard in three to four hours, depending on coating thickness, temperature, etc.

The information in this document was obtained from sources, which we believe are reliable and correct, but does not purport to be inclusive and shall be used only as a guide. The information is provided without any representation or warranty expressed or implied regarding accuracy or correctness. The conditions or methods of handling, storage, use and disposal of the product are beyond our control and may be beyond our knowledge. For this and other reasons, COPPERLAC and its employees do not assume responsibility and expressly disclaim liability for loss, damage, or expense arising out of, or in any way connected with, the handling, storage, use or disposal of the product. Plain copper (no patina) is hard to coat and therefore we are not responsible for any issues such as cloudiness, lines, marks, streaks, peeling up or any other issue coating copper with this product. Use on plain copper is at your own risk.

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Product Reviews

  • Perfect Finish

    Posted by John

    As advertised; Fast drying and the perfect finish for our new bar top. However, one MIGHT consider using the spray on version over the brush on version when doing an entire bar top as I can see various places where I dripped, began and finished brushing, etc. Although, admittedly, you have to LOOK for those blemishes. Great company to work with overall!

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