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Aged Copper Sheets

Our aged copper sheets are available in several gauges and sizes to accommodate your needs. Some of the most common uses of our copper sheets are for:

Copper Bar Tops
Copper Backsplash
Copper Cabinets
Copper Table Tops
Copper Countertops
Copper Range Hoods

Aged Copper Sheet

How Aged Copper Sheets Are Created

As copper ages, it forms a patina or film on the surface which is produced by oxidation. This process occurs over a long period of exposure to the atmosphere. The colors produced depend entirely on the location. For example, an area with a dry climate will produce a different patina than coastal or marine locations. The natural patina process can take many years to achieve.

At, we have developed a technique that we call the “Earth Burial” method, and we feel that this technique best mimics the natural aging process of time, thereby producing spectacular aged copper sheets that are extremely durable.

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