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Copper Tile FAQS

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Every copper tile we make is handcrafted from raw copper. Through special techniques, each tile is created to give a genuine appearance of the natural polish and texture that only nature could otherwise comprise. These methods are made possible by what amounts to over two decades of experience and practice.

1. Do they install like regular tile?
Yes they do. They are attached with thinset mortar just as normal tile.

2. Are they waterproof?
Yes, there are no water soluble components in the tile. The edges are sealed, and once the grout is complete and sealed, they are waterproof.

3. Can they be used on floors?
We do not recommend floor use unless the floor is lightly traveled.

4. Can they be cut like regular tile?
Yes, cutting the tile requires a wet saw.

5. Will the patina change over time?
If the tile is used indoors and out of the sun, it should remain stable for decades.

6. Can they be used outdoors?
Yes, for wall applications, preferably out of direct sunlight.

7. Will tile sealer damage the tiles?
Test on a small area before using. In our tests we have encountered no problems. The tile itself does not need to be sealed.
Just seal the grout surrounding the tile.

8. Will grout scratch tile?
The tile comes with a blue plastic protective covering which is to be removed after grouting.
We recommend a non sanded grout for the area surrounding the tile. Premixed non sanded grouts are also available.

9. Are there variations in batches of same colors?
When ordering, it is preferable to order all of the tiles you will need for the job at the same time. These are handmade tiles, and each batch of copper varies slightly from the next.

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