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Copper Tile Instructions

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Installation Guide

These instructions are provided as a general guideline for handling and installing copper tiles. The installation of these tiles should be performed by a professional tile installer. The installation methods and materials must meet or exceed the regional or national standards provided by the Tile Council of North America (TCA – and/or American National Standards Institute (ANSI –

Your tiles will arrive with a protective blue film adhered to the surface. This film must remain on the surface of the tile until installation and grouting is complete. Without this film, these tiles are susceptible to scratching from the process and materials of installation.

Material Inspection:
Please open and inspect your order upon delivery. The purchaser and/or installer is responsible for determining the acceptability of this product prior to installation. No adjustments will be made to your order after the product has been installed. Due to the unique handcrafted and artistic nature of this product, variations in tone, shade, color and size are simply an inherent characteristic of this product. These variations are viewed as part of the natural and unique beauty of the product.

Substrate preparation:
The overall performance of a properly installed tile is dependent upon the durability and dimensional stability of the substrate to which it is bonded. We recommend that you comply with ANSI and TCA standards to ensure the suitability of your substrate or underlayment. Make sure that the substrate or underlayment is completely cured and free of any moisture, dust, and any other particulates that may be present.

Acceptable Grouts and Adhesives:
Due to the wide array of tile installation methods and correlating installation materials, we recommend that you comply with ANSI and TCA guidelines to select the most appropriate grout and adhesive for your project.
Note: Most synthetic adhesives, mortar adhesives, and epoxy adhesives are acceptable. However, one type should be selected and deemed most appropriate for your specific installation requirements. We recommend a non sanded grout.

Cutting Tiles:
A quality wet saw with a continuous smooth rim diamond blade must be used for all cutting. The use of a board cutter or other dry methods may result in an undesirable finished cut and could cause delaminating within the product. Blue film must remain on tile until after grouting has been completed.

Sealing Recommendations:
Sealers can be beneficial for grouts, natural stones, and some manmade tiles. However, our tiles do not require the use of sealers, nor do we recommend the use of any type of sealers on tile face.

This product is not commercially rated and should not be used as a floor tile. This product should only be used in interior applications- not rated for exterior use.

General Maintenance:
We recommend that you use a gentle liquid soap and water mixture for all cleaning purposes. Never use abrasive chemicals or scrub/scouring pads to clean the copper tiles.

Copper Tile FAQS Copper Tile Instructions Copper Tile Photos Buy Copper Tile

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