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Heavy 24 Gauge Copper Sheets
for Bar Tops, Countertops, Backsplash, Cabinets, Tables, & more!

Zebra Patina Copper Sheets - Heavy 24 Gauge

  • Zebra Patina Copper Sheets - Heavy 24 Gauge
  • Zebra Copper Bar Top
  • Zebra Copper Bar Top

Product Description

Black with vertical stripes of rich browns and deep coppery patterns throughout. The stripes run across the short side of the copper sheet as shown in the above photos. 

Authentic, Naturally Aged Copper Sheets, Exotic Beauty. Our Copper is "REAL" and not painted or stained! It amazes us each time we see sheets of pure, lustrous, machined copper transformed. Magic!

Thickness A 24 gauge copper sheet has the thickness of a credit card and is easily cut with standard hand shears that can be purchased from any home improvement store.
Size Our heavy 24 gauge copper comes in a standard width of 18", 24", 36", 48" and has varying lengths up to 12 feet.
Weight A single square foot of our heavy copper weighs one pound (standard 16 oz. copper).
Adhering Using liquid nails, you can adhere our 24 gauge copper to almost any surface.
For long lasting protection, we recommend purchasing our semi-gloss COPPERLAC lacquer.
Examples View examples of our color copper sheets in use.
Sample Pack We offer a sample pack of our copper complete with all 20 copper colors.
View our copper sheet comparison chart to find out which gauge copper you need for your project.


Copper Countertop Tutorial

- Creating a Copper Countertop using our Premium Heavy 24 Gauge Copper Copper with a lacquer finish.


Copper Backsplash Tutorial

"House Crashers" episode featuring our: Heavy 24 Gauge Antique Copper


Cutting Heavy 24 Gauge Copper with Hand Shears

- This video shows you how easy it is to cut a heavy 24 gauge copper sheet.


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Product Reviews

  • Very unique and eye catching

    Posted by Gary Ferguson

    Something like this you just don't see everyday. No one I've showed it to had ever seen copper like this and they couldn't believe it was actual copper ha ha!

  • High quality copper sheets

    Posted by Chris

    You can definitely feel the quality when you're handling the copper. I spent a long time on the install because I wanted to make sure it came out perfect and I'm pretty happy with how it looks now.

  • Looks better than the pictures

    Posted by Damian G.

    Beautiful copper. Looking forward to using it again for another project

  • Great product and helpful staff!

    Posted by Lee Ann

    We love these copper sheets and ordering over the phone was very easy and the guy on the line made everything a simple process for us.

  • Good product to use for customers

    Posted by Dusty Wisham

    Just finished a job with this zebra finish and the customer loved the outcome. They said they would recommend this copper to anyone wanting something a little different from the norm.

  • Piece of cake to install as long as you follow the directions

    Posted by Jason

    We were very happy with the finish and the install was much easier than we predicted it would be.

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